Table of Contents

Alarm Types

SureaCare processes all incoming data events as alarms. Before alarm programming can commence, these alarm types must be created.

Properties that can be applied to alarm type include:

  • Name – the name of your alarm type.
  • Abbr – a message abbreviation for SureaView monitor.
  • Foreground and background colours – when the colour fields are selected, a picker box opens with a slider and fine tune area. Save the colour by selecting the circle in the bottom right hand corner.
  • Priority – an arbitrary number between 0 and 100 to determine the priority of the alarm in SureaCare, SureaView and SureaCare Android. “0” being the lowest priority, “100” the highest.
  • Function digit – a numerical value determining the sound output from an end user device (DECT, pager, etc.).
  • Annunciator colour – determines the colour and sound produced by and Austco annunciator if required.
  • Alarm sound – apply a .wav audio file to the alarm type, either from samples provided or a custom file you are providing. This sound will be played from SureaView monitor and SureaCare Android.
  • Sound interval – the repeat interval of the sound file applied in seconds. For example “0” is constant, “60” is one minute and “300” is five minutes.