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Surea applications are licensed via an online licensing server. The applications “check-in” periodically to validate their integrity. This function also provides system critical data to nominated contacts, notifying recipients via email when the application fails to contact the license server.

All current SureaCare license information is displayed on this page, including:

  • Registered Site Name – The name of the installation supplied to Aerus upon license purchase.
  • Status – the current license type – licensed or trial.
  • Last check-in – the last successful interaction with the Aerus licensing server.
  • Attempted check-in – the last time SureaCare attempted to contact the Aerus licensing server.

If the system license status has been altered via install modification or due to intermittent contact with the license server, a manual check in can be undertaken.

  1. Select “License” from the system menu.
  2. Select “manual check-in”.

If SureaCare successfully contacts the license server and validates, it will display:

  • “License validated successfully”.

If SureaCare cannot reach the license server or the license isn’t valid, it will display:

  • “An error occurred whilst validating your license, please try again later”.

If an error is presented, check your network settings:

  • Ensure the host server is allowing TCP port 80 through its firewall.
  • Ensure the host network is allowing TCP port 80 through its firewall.
  • Add a proxy server address and port in the comms menu if required.

Should a successful check-in still be unachievable, contact the Surea team.

For more information on licensing, reference the Surea Installer knowledgebase.